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Apps for Young Kids

p>Just because they’re designed for kids doesn’t mean any age can’t play them.

  • Monkey Flight- Monkey Filght is a very simple, fun game that many kids should like. I got this app to keep my nephew occupied and it kept his eyes glued to the screen.
  • Make a Princess-This application is a great app for young girls. My daughter asked for me to get her this app and ever since I bought it she can’t stop asking for my iPhone to play this game. This app lets you dress and design your own princess. This is the type of app that many young girls would like.
  • Ultradex- This app is a “pokedex” that has information on every pokemon. This app is good for kids because most kids like pokemon and the few that don’t would be interested¬† by looking at the pokemon.
  • Balloon Animals- This app is very simple, and interactive. To make the balloon you actually twist the balloon. The controls make the game feel as if you are physically making a balloon animal.
  • Cupcakes!- In this app you get

    to make and design cupcakes. It is very simple and kid oriented thanks to the simplicity of the app. Making and design cupcakes will keep your kids occupied. The idea of the app is great for kids.

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