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Apps to Help You Follow Your Favorite Sports

  • Espn Scorecenter- A great app to get the scores and some of the key stats for pretty much any sport.
  • Sportacular- Very similar to Espn Scorecenter. But in my opinion Sportacular is better for statistics but Espn is better for game scores.
  • NBA League Pass- This app is amazing, it lets you watch NBA games live from your iPhone or iPod touch. It also lets you watch highlights and replays of games from the night before. It’s has two major downsides though: you can’t watch your local team play at home because of a deal they have with the cable companies and it cost $10 which is still an improvement from the $40 at the beginning of the year. But if your device is jailbroken you can solve the local team problem by downloading an app called location spoofer. It tricks your iPod making it think you are somewhere else, letting you watch any team live.
  •  Chad Ochocinco Experience- This app is really funny. It lets you stay up to date with Chad Ochocinco and his latest media stunts. It also has some other good features such as his youtube channel or the what would ocho do Q and A section. It also lets you stay up to date on his twitter feed.
  • Espn Radio- This application lets you listen to almost any sporting event live from your device. It also lets you listen to some ESPN TV shows live from your device. Overall this is a really good app.