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3.0/3.1 iPod Touch/iPhone Software Update

There are many new and revolutionary features on the 3.1 software update. The Genius Mix is a major new feature, every time you sync your iPod to your the genius automatically makes 12 new genius mixes based on what songs you own/like. Now there is a similar genius perk for selecting apps. The genius looks at the apps that you own and bases a recommendation on that. It also lets you tell the genius if you don’t like an app it recommends, then the genius will factor that in its recommendation. Make sure you know that apple will collect all data based on the genius. If you disapprove this you have the option to keep genius turned off. Apple made it much easier to play against your friends, no matter where they are. You can now peer to peer game whether you are trying to play a friend across the country or a friend right next to you. Instead of the laborious process of buying movies and TV shows on your computer and then synchronizing your iPod to watch a movie. Thanks to the 3.0/3.1 software update you can just buy your video’s straight off your iPod. Organization is now much easier in behalf of the spotlight feature new to the 3.1 software update. You can now go backwards from your first page of apps and there is a useful search bar. Just start typing away and it will search through everything in your iPhone/iPod including apps, contacts, email, notes, anything in your iPhone. Bluetooth technology can now be used to listen to your music. This means that the iPod and iPhone alike are compatible with Bluetooth.The ipod helper offers free iphone and ipod help

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