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Ten High Quality App Store Apps for $1 or for Free

  • All in 1 Gamebox 1$- This App is great for anytime you want to play a game. There are 25 different games many of them so much fun they could be worth a dollar by themselves. So you get a great deal and many fun games.
  • Fling 1$- When i bought this app it didn’t look that great but when I tried it out I was amazed how much fun it was. It’s a great puzzle game. All my kids always ask to borrow my iPhone just so they can play this game. I love and so does my family
  • Textplus FREE- This app is free and it has many of the features of similar apps that cost over $5. You can text for free to almost all major cell phone companies with no monthly bill. It even gives you a number so your friends and coworkers can start conversations with you.
  • Wifitrak 1$-More useful if you have an iPod then an iPhone just because you have 3g on the iPhone. But this app never fails to find more wifi networks then the settings do. It even finds hidden networks. It also shows a numeric value of signal strength to compare exactly how strong each network is.
  • HwBrowser $1-Very useful app, you can download any file off the internet with this app. Videos, pictures and music. I found this most useful for the videos, but overall it’s a great app.
  • Facebook FREE- I don’t use myspace or any other social network but I do know that this facebook app is very well setup. You can even chat with your friends. It’s free and there’s no reason not to get this app.
  • Sleep Cycle Alarm Clock $1- You may be skeptical when you hear about this app, but it has it’s benefits. Just go to bed with your device laying on top of the matress where movement can be felt and  it knows exactly when to to wake you up. Then it shows your sleep patterns from that night. A tip is to not let your iPod fall of the bed or it will think you are awake.
  • Pandora FREE- This one is a little bit more useful for iPhone users rather then iPod users because it pretty much replaces your music library. On 3g you can listen to your favorite music in the car or on the run without having to even download any songs.
  • Skype FREE- If you have a skype account than this app is great for you. It is free to download and can help you cutback on minutes.
  • Espn Scorecenter FREE- Great for the sports fan because this app lets you follow your favorite teams and favorite sports. It will even send you push notifications about teams that you are following.

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  1. Joe Mamma

     /  April 8, 2010

    Hey i like ur website! especially these apps. Although there are plenty more and you should put as many apps as you know are good onto this page. and maybe put them under price ranges. (Free, 1 dollar, 2-5,5-15), and maybe include whats in the game. like what u actually do. but great site though. especially for jailbreaking

  2. Jack

     /  April 8, 2010

    Ok thanks and I will add some more apps and I really like the price range idea. Thanks for the suggestions.

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