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Apps to Communicate with People

• Facebook- this mobile version of facebook does a pretty good job of emulating which is a great way to connect with your peers.
• TextPlus- this app let’s you text phones and other devices for free for phone quality texting
• Bump- can save you a lot of time exchanging info in a fun interactive way. Bump let’s you exchange contact info as easy as bumping your iPhone to your friends iPhone and all info is swapped.
•Tweetie 2- a great way to stay up to date with your twitter profile.
•Skype-this app can save you a lot of money off your phone bill especially if you make a lot of long distance calls. This app let’s you make calls from your skype account which can be very useful as Skype is a very cheap service. The app is also free in the app store.

Apps to Help You Follow Your Favorite Sports

  • Espn Scorecenter- A great app to get the scores and some of the key stats for pretty much any sport.
  • Sportacular- Very similar to Espn Scorecenter. But in my opinion Sportacular is better for statistics but Espn is better for game scores.
  • NBA League Pass- This app is amazing, it lets you watch NBA games live from your iPhone or iPod touch. It also lets you watch highlights and replays of games from the night before. It’s has two major downsides though: you can’t watch your local team play at home because of a deal they have with the cable companies and it cost $10 which is still an improvement from the $40 at the beginning of the year. But if your device is jailbroken you can solve the local team problem by downloading an app called location spoofer. It tricks your iPod making it think you are somewhere else, letting you watch any team live.
  •  Chad Ochocinco Experience- This app is really funny. It lets you stay up to date with Chad Ochocinco and his latest media stunts. It also has some other good features such as his youtube channel or the what would ocho do Q and A section. It also lets you stay up to date on his twitter feed.
  • Espn Radio- This application lets you listen to almost any sporting event live from your device. It also lets you listen to some ESPN TV shows live from your device. Overall this is a really good app.

Apps to Help You with School

  1. Wolfram Alpha- Hands down the best app for any student. All you have to do is type in a question and it will answer, type in a word and it will analyze it. It’s also only $2 this app used to go on sale for $50! So you’re getting a great deal on a stellar app.
  2. app- This app is free and it gives you access to the whole dictionary.  A dictionary is a great tool for any student to have.
  3. Free Translator- This app provides translation back and forth from almost any of the major languages. The Languages it translates are: Dutch, English, French, German, Hindi, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Russian, Spanish, and Serbian. So this app is great if you are traveling to another country or if you are taking a language. Best of all, even everything this app comes with it is free.
  4. Wikipedia Mobile- If you need to take some quick notes or research something, Wikipedia Mobile is great for that. Wikipedia has a page for almost anything you can think of. This app is also free.
  5. iFormulas- This app provides useful formulas that can be used at almost any level of math. This app should work for Algebra 1 and 2, geometry, trigonometry, and calculus. This app is just a great overall tool for any math. All of this for no cost