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How to get Free Apps

Installous- This app is a cracked app store. It lets you get all of the apps that would cost money in the app store for free. Very, very useful for many purposes.

  1. To get this app, open up cydia, then click on the tab that is 2nd to the bottom right and click manage.
  2. Then, click on the second option “sources”, then in the top right click edit and then on the top left click add.
  3. Then type in the address bar then let it download. When it’s finished downloading click add anyways
  4. Then go to the second tab from the left on the bottom and click sections and scroll until you find the category and click on that.
  5. Then from there you will see “installous” click on it and download it. Now you have the app that lets you get free apps.
  6. Now to get free apps open up installous and make a search on the search bar at the top of the page for the app you want to get.
  7. Click on the app you would like to get and click on the third tab that says “download” click on any link, follow the links directions and then click download on the page that will come up.
  8. Then when it’s done downloading click on the tab that says “downloads” now find the app and click on it and then press install. Now you are done you have just gotten your first paid app for free. This whole process ┬ámay sound complicated but it really is not, you will get used to it pretty soon and this is very helpful.