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Ten Useful Cydia Apps

Winterboard- This app lets you not just change your background; it lets you change every aspect of your iPod’s background. You can change everything from how your unlock slider looks to how your apps look.

SBsettings- SBsettings is pretty much settings that are much more convenient because all you have to do to access these settings is slide the top of the screen across the time. This is useful because you don’t have to change apps or go to the home screen. So you can change your brightness, disconnect from wifi or 3g, reboot your iPod, the list is endless. You can also download plugins to your SBsettings that let you do many things. I downloaded a plugin called fast notes so I can take notes while doing other things, so i could be watching a youtube video and taking notes on it.

Backrounder- This app lets you get around one of the main issues of iPhones OS system, you can run multiple apps at the same time in the backround. This is useful for me because I can listen to music on pandora in the backround while playing games. Or I could download apps from installous while watching youtube. The possibilites are endless. The bottom line is that this is a very useful application.

Dtunes- This application lets you download any type of file to your iPod. Any file at all, my main use for this app is download music and movies to watch.

Pwnplayer/Mewseek Pro- Pwnplayer is a music player imitator, while Mewseek is an app that lets you download free music to your pwnplayer. Mewseek gives you ten songs for free then you have to pay a one time fee to get unlimited free music. The Mewseek lite version which is completely free doesn’t work with 3.0 or higher. But these apps together are a great combination to get almost free music.

Categories- This application lets you put individual apps into folders. This can be very helpful if your springboard is starting to get disorganized.

AptBackup-AptBackup lets you back up your cydia apps to itunes. It tricks itunes by saving your apps as a contact and syncs them to itunes which lets you restore from backup.

blacksn0w- This is geohots unlock for the iPhone 3G and 3GS. It allows you to unlock your sim card for any network.

Installous- Here is the link to my page explaining installous in detail How to get Free Apps

but it pretty much is just an app store that offers apps for free that cost money in the app store . It can save you a lot of money, which is why it’s so useful.